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Tuning Out In Fear For America
But Finding Electoral Hope Renewed

By William Finucane

I was beginning to feel ill. It was Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, and the returns were coming in on the television broadcasts. America had elected a new president. It was done, finished: California and other western states were just hitting the screens. So whatever the fate was, it seemed complete.

The count was leaning toward Republican Mitt Romney. Democrat Barak Obama, the incumbent, was therefore losing. I got so nervous that I went to a non-political station; watching Obama lose this presidential election would be just too devastating.

This balloting meant much, so much more: it would mean most Americans bought the idea that the rich would somehow save everybody by making themselves richer.

Big Splash, Lots of Laughs
But Bye-Bye to the Vehicle

By Michael Bradley

It’s great sport for Cape Cod townies! Find a spot on a local road where the street dips down and the marsh is close, then when there is a high tide or a gale like the remnants of Hurricane Sandy, park your vehicle off to the side of the road and watch the newcomers to the Cape splash their Jeeps, Volvo’s and SUV’s through the salt water covering the road. Many pictures from Hurricane Sandy prove the point, here and elsewhere. Many people who live near the ocean just don’t seem to get it.

Somehow, nobody’s told these folks that when the ocean has crossed the road, it’s not just a big puddle of rainwater that can be splashed through; it’s salt water! And when a vehicle has been driven through such a ‘puddle’ at anything more than a crawl, that vehicle is dead; it won’t die today or tomorrow, but within six months it will be on its way to hospice with a deadly case of advancing rust.


Massachusetts Voters Have One Contest
Where Every Ballot Will Echo Nationally

By William Finucane

           In Massachusetts, the most important political race is Republican Senator Scott Brown vs. Democrat Elizabeth Warren, no question. Presidential contenders are waging a battle, but that will not be won in Massachusetts; those states that could make a difference are Florida (29 electoral votes), Ohio (18), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), Colorado (9), Iowa (6) and New Hampshire (4). 

           Democratic President Barak Obama or Republican George Romney will win. Results will be profound. Massachusetts will undoubtedly align with Mr. Obama, but because of the oddities of the Electoral College the Bay State will join 41 other states that are not considered ‘battleground’ territory worthy of a full court press by Romney or Obama.

          Obviously a case can again be made for eliminating the Electoral College, but that is something for a later discussion. Nothing that’s said or done now about the current system will change the upcoming Presidential election.

          But Massachusetts voters will solely decide the Brown-Warren race.

Oh Shut Up!

By William Finucane

           In general, any American has the right to offend others with foul language. It is constitutional. But not so much if the language is directed specifically at an individual, where it can be assumed to be anything from simple misdemeanor assault to a felony ‘threat to intimidate,’ etc.

Yet in common usage, Supreme Court justices have said people can use swears. It is part of freedom of speech. Squelching swears therefore would impede communication, even in the public square. That is why some observers find a new municipal law in one Massachusetts town, which fines people who use swears in public, is itself illegal.

A Schoolmarm for U.S. Senator

By Michael Bradley

           If the TV ad campaign now being waged by Elizabeth Warren to unseat Scott Brown from the U.S. Senate is any indicator, Mr. Brown will win reelection whether he’s driving his pickup truck or a Lexus, or wearing his expensive barn coat or a tailored suit.

Ms. Warren, in one of the most prominent of her current TV ads, declares: “They give billions to oil companies, the most profitable corporations on the planet, and then they try to slash student loans…Washington’s got it all wrong…(but) we can make this right.”

Warren makes those declarations in grave, pedantic earnestness, much like the stereotype of a schoolmarm of old. Meanwhile, Brown presents himself as the perfect image of an everyman from the Ozzie and Harriet world of the 1950’s.



Facing Off Demands,
For Facebook Passwords

By William Finucane

I must say all this paperwork is top notch and all your references are glowing so you are definitely among the front runners for the job; all we need now is for you to give us your Facebook username and password, we want to see the real you.

Dumfounded, the job seeker must at this point decide whether to render up all of his or her privacy or refuse the request and lose the prospective job.


If GOP Wins,
Big Bird Sells Ads

By William Finucane

Mitt Romney, ironically considered the most moderate of the Republican presidential candidates, dropped a Republican “truism” recently. "We're not going to kill Big Bird,” he said, “but Big Bird is going to have advertisements, all right!"

This was not a sweeping statement, just a short couple of lines. But the overall idea is a media nightmare for Americans. Romney and many other Republicans believe no taxpayer money ought to support public communications, especially PBS.

NTSB’s Simple Solution,
‘Ban Everything Electronic’

By William Finucane

Ban all guns. Similarly, ban all electric devices in cars.

Both are misguided thoughts that are supposed to save people from themselves and others in one grand sweep. Neither does.

In mid-December of 2011, the National Transportation Safety Board unanimously recommended that all types of portable electronic devices like cell phones ought to be forbidden in all vehicles. And of course it was tragedy and spilled blood that became the reason behind the all encompassing legislative reaction.


Our National Sideshow

By Michael Bradley

Editor’s Note: 

            Less than a week after the New Hampshire Primary, Jon Huntsman called a press conference in South Carolina and bowed out of the GOP presidential competition. With his departure it is clear that our November prognostication regarding his future as the GOP presidential candidate was wrong.

            It is nonetheless interesting to recall how close we came to being correct. Mr. Huntsman became increasingly prominent in polls and in the media during December, as we predicted, and by January 10th, the date of the New Hampshire Primary, he had begun to move dramatically enough to give the national news pundits pause; they began to cautiously observe that ‘anything is possible’ in New Hampshire.

            In the end, Huntsman moved from single digits in the polls to 23% of the primary vote. Of course, Ron Paul got 29% of the vote and came in second behind Mitt Romney. Huntsman declared this momentum gave him enough lift to move to the So. Carolina Primary, but it soon became increasingly clear he needed the number two spot if he were to survive and gain sufficient financial and media support to attract voters.

            The wild card in the New Hampshire Primary was Ron Paul. We clearly did not anticipate the strength he would generate in New Hampshire. We knew that there is a solid Libertarian base in the Granite State, but what was unexpected was Ron Paul’s attractiveness to college students and young voters in general.

            So in the end, we were wrong in projecting that Huntsman would emerge as Romney’s closest challenger as result of the N.H. Primary, and the candidate who may have given the Democrats the most problems in the general election is now out of the race.    


Our National Sideshow

             Sometimes national events coalesce in a manner that enables other domestic forces to move their own political goals, and that is what has apparently happened this year as we endure an ongoing Republican Sideshow.

Anyone who is involved in or who follows national politics understands it is not hyperbole to say there is now a powerful interlocking of right-wing interests. These interests are playing a dynamic role in America during this election year, although many factors came together to create this situation.

America has not had such a partisan majority on the Supreme Court in many decades, perhaps extending back to the years leading up to the Civil War. Nor has it had a Congress filled with members willing to grind the nation to a standstill in order to fulfill agendas that only vaguely reflect the actual interests of their constituents, and certainly don’t represent the majority of Americans.

Global Warming? Where?

There is no such thing as ‘Global Warming,’ says Pres. George Bush and his associates, but as seems to happen frequently, difficult facts continue to emerge contradicting the self-serving statements.

In determining the warmest winters since the weather service began keeping track, there have been five record holding years. One might think that those years cover a century or more and indicate cyclical abnormalities. But that would be optimistic.

The five warmest winters on record are as follows: 1991-1992, 1997-1998, 1998-1999, 1999-2000, and 2005-2006.

And the winner was 1999-2000, at an average of 36.95 degrees.

It appears to us that the evidence is clear; ‘Houston, we have a problem.’


- Points to Ponder -

The following stories are compiled from wire services and major newspapers, as well as original information, and are provided here, in a shorter format, in an effort to illustrate the broad spectrum of political activity that is taking place today, and in the hope that by bringing together such relatively brief, encapsulated accounts, the information will be both welcome to readers who are usually pressed for time, while simultaneously being thought provoking. As always, we welcome comments and observations relating to our stories, with no regard to a defined point of view.

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Publisher’s Note: The Bradley Report has for some time now individually dated all of its stories, commentaries and editorials; however, some archived stories, particularly those that are older, are not dated and this has proven confusing for some readers, given that the current date is always displayed on our front page. We apologize for any such confusion and would hope that the context of the earlier stories will help to indicate the publishing dates.





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